Great Deals and Savings WELLFLYHOM Sunflower Girly Car Seat Covers Full Set Front and Ba Award

WELLFLYHOM Sunflower Girly Car Seat Covers Full Set Front and Ba
WELLFLYHOM Sunflower Girly Car Seat Covers Full Set Front and Ba


Product description

Color:You Are My Sunshine

Car Seat Covers Set Car Interior Protector Accessories Universal Fit
Car Seat Cover Front and Back:
Made of polyester fabric Material, breathable comfortable, ventilated. Include 4 pieces front seat cover.
Protect your interior seat from wear, tear, dirt and spills. Makes your seats look fresh and new.
Machine washable and easy to maintain.
Easy to install and clean, elastic strap with hooks on the bottom of the seat covers.

Steering Cover:
Fully lined with Non Slip material for safe and secure fit. A better grip on the wheel gives your more control on the road.
Protect your original steering wheel from wear and tear, neoprene material protect your hands from hot in summer and cold in winter.
Breathable, comfortable, keep dry, anti-slip, fashion design, machine washable, suitable for all seasons.

Seat Belt Pad:
Neoprene, waterproof, thermal insulated, soft and comfortable padding, sweat absorbent, and stretchy.
Seat belt pads/covers are adjustable. Universal design fit any kind of cars. Hook and loop closure, you can adjust the width and perfectly fit your car seat belt.

Car Coasters
Keeps the water from making a big mess when your drink starts to melt.
Anti-slip design. Keep your car coaster stay in place.
Key Chains
You can attach them to your purse, keys, bags, backpack, locker hook, make up bag, carry on bag, gym bag, etc.


Great Deals and Savings WELLFLYHOM Sunflower Girly Car Seat Covers Full Set Front and Ba Award

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