Bulk Prices S-noilite Hair Bun Extensions Messy Updo Ponytail Scrunchie Donu Prices Sale

S-noilite Hair Bun Extensions Messy Updo Ponytail Scrunchie Donu
S-noilite Hair Bun Extensions Messy Updo Ponytail Scrunchie Donu


Product description

Size:one pack  |  Color:Bun(thick)-light Ash Brown-thick

Styles: Hair Bun Extension to Add Hair Volumn. Two Kinds of Hairpieces can be chosen: Long Wrap Around Hair Bun Extension and Elastic Hair Bun Extension
Color: 38 Color Available
Texture: Soft, Natural Looking, Wavy Hair
Adjustable Size: Elastic tie, Fit Everyone
DIY: Can be tailored as you like
Material: Heat-Resisting Kanekalon Fiber
Package Included: 1 Pc Long Hair Band or 2 Pc

It can be placed at the crown or the nape, or wrapped casually around a ponytail or bun.


Bulk Prices S-noilite Hair Bun Extensions Messy Updo Ponytail Scrunchie Donu Prices Sale

Discounts Collection Lot Of Bulk Prices S-noilite Hair Bun Extensions Messy Updo Ponytail Scrunchie Donu Prices Sale aiding us in our endeavour is the relationship we have with our customers. to enhance this we encourage them to give us their views and engage in a dialogue with us at our website, also serves as a channel for us to highlight new arrivals and promotions. Beethoven Lives Upstairs by Alliance S-noilite Hair Bun Extensions Messy Updo Ponytail Scrunchie Donu I use this movie in my music classroom, and the kids love it! I find that this helps them connect to Beethoven as a real human being. After watching this, my 4th and 5th graders were able to delve deep and answer some good "thick" questions, as well as make interesting connections to some topics they learned in other classes.This is one of few movies I can play in the classroom that is rarely interrupted by talking students. They engage fully and enjoy every minute. We can never finish it in one class period, which always leads to some moans and groans... but they come to the next class anxious to see the end. As an added benefit, this is a great movie to have on hand for a teacher who may need to rest their voice (or has already lost it!)I find that this movie works well as both an introduction and supplement to studying Beethoven, or even just an easy relaxing activity during testing season or on those days where my planned lesson falls through. I've used it successfully in a variety of ways.The acting is great, and my students especially love Neil Munro as Beethoven. They always have several good laughs in response to his crazy noises and movements. Illya Woloshyn does a great job as Christoph, and even my 2015 5th graders can connect with him. Considering that this is an early 90s movie, I find that to be pretty impressive!I wish there were more movies of this caliber available for the music classroom. There have been some based on Bach, Vivaldi or whoever, but none of them can live up to Beethoven Lives Upstairs. Marvelous DVD and CD ! Classic! This is written for children but will be a joy to adults alike. You get the wonderful story of one of our most famous composers and delight at the music that underscores the DVD. The story may be told through the eyes of a bright child but there is a bright child waiting in all of us. A MUST own for your own entertainment and a great way to introduce children to the wonders of classic music! This is a terrific historical-fiction video about Beethoven that I've used with my upper elementary to middle school music students. After I begin teaching a unit on Beethoven, I usually supplement with this movie. The students enjoy watching the video and enjoy the reinforcement of learning many of the facts that I've already taught them. The movie is told in flashback as it actually begins at the funeral of Beethoven. I use this as a good opportunity to discuss the concept of flashback and foreshadow that occurs in some of the dialogue. There is also a teachers book available to accompany the video but I prefer to make my own guided worksheets that the students answer as they watch the movie.I am a music teacher, and I usually do a 3-4 week Beethoven unit with my second graders. I remember watching this in music class as a kid, and it really never gets old. It is a nice and fun wrap up to my Beethoven unit. I find with much of Beethoven, there is a little more listener engagement than kids really want to do at that age, so this gives them a visual to go along with his life and music, which we talk about in age appropriate depth. For anyone looking for a kid friendly movie about Beethoven and his life, this is the go to!I had this movie but in the vhs form that I used to show to all my students in music class. So I wanted to start showing it to my piano students, and so I bought it in the updated DVD form, and it was a huge hit! They actually asked what movie is next!Not quite perfect, but there is no 4 1/2 stars. It hooked by seven-year-old's interest, probably because he was already familiar with the CD. This is not the CD, however, but an extended version with characters speaking for themselves instead of the narration provided on the CD. Faithful to the core of Beethoven's writing of the Ninth Symphony if not to all events.It's a moving story and should be seen -- and heard -- by any family who appreciates classical music. It also shows that anything worth doing has a price. Art is not an accident; it is intention. As many have commented, this movie does allow the listener to understand the creative mind, the reclusive behavior, and the sheer genius of Ludvig von Beethoven. But the movie also develops the character of Beethoven so that the listener shares emphathy and an understanding of the eccentric personality of Beethoven. An older elementary student can also relate to the character of Christoph. In the beginning of the film, Christoph lost his father. There is a funeral procession and a conversation with his mother on his loss. How many older elementary students can relate to this loss? Christoph is now the "man of the house." How many students can relate to this daunting responsibility? Beethoven gets on Christoph's nerves. How many students know of someone in their family who gets on their nerves? Christoph discovers the "good" and redeemable qualities of Ludvig von Betthoven and he now recognizes that this world renown composer has been grossly misunderstood because of his deafness. But Beethoven IS a good lip reader and can communicate to others on a variety of levels. This movie does pay attention to the accuracy of the history and music of this composer but more importantly, it does it in a way that the listener can relate to. Music must be relevant to its audience and "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" goes an excellent jobs of conveying it.This is a charming, warm and wholesome telling of the last year or so of Beethoven and his friendship with a lonely little boy in Vienna during the writing of the 9th Symphony. There is none of the bluster, bad language and naughty wardrobe malfunctions of "Immortal Beloved" or the earthiness of Ed Harris's "Copying Beethoven (which is also a wonderful film); rather, this is a film produced for children, but older kids and adults will like it, too! Keep an open mind and let this little gem into your heart! Movies TV => Movies

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