Bulk Buy Discounts Ekouaer Women Swimsuit Cover up Beach Kimono Cardigan Loose Chif Popularity

Ekouaer Women Swimsuit Cover up Beach Kimono Cardigan Loose Chif
Ekouaer Women Swimsuit Cover up Beach Kimono Cardigan Loose Chif


Product Description

Ekouaer Women Swimsuit Cover Up Kimono Cardigan Bikini Beachwear Bathing Suit Chiffon Open Front Sexy Cover

Ekouaer Women Swimsuit Cover up Beach Kimono Loose Open Front Swimwear Summer Casual BeachwearEkouaer Women Swimsuit Cover up Beach Kimono Loose Open Front Swimwear Summer Casual Beachwear

  • Kimino Sheer Bikini Cardigan: See-through and moisture wicking well
  • Lightweight Material: 100% Premium polyesterm, no itching/fade/rolling
  • 10 Colors available: Black/White/Naveblue/Light Blue/Cracker Khaki(Cream) /Green/Skyblue/Rose red/Pink/Yellow
  • Chiffon fabric : Long Sleeve with elastic cuff
  • Clothing Length: Above Knee
  • DETAIL: Open front Cover
  • Occasion: Beach, Swimming Pool, Club, Cruise, Vacation, Holiday, Summer Trip, Friends Meeting,Poolside, Cardigan cover.
  • Loose cut and comfortable open front cover give you a pleasant wear experience, sexy beach dress hangs well on your body, just cover the skin you won’t show. Still make you sexy and lovely.

MODEL SIEZE: ANDY- Height :175cm/5'74'' Bust : 89cm/35'' Waist : 66cm/25.9'' Hips: 96cm/37'' Weight : 57kg/ 125.66 lb Wear s

LILA- Height :175cm/5'74'' Bust : 89cm/35'' Waist : 64cm/25'' Hips: 96cm/35'' Weight : 55kg/ 121.25 lb Wear s

Ekouaer Women Swimwear Cover Up Beach Bikini Casual Wear Open Front Kimono Cardigan Loose Bathing Dress Blouse Top

Ekouaer Women Swimsuit Cover up Beach Kimono Cardigan Loose  Summer Casual BeachwearEkouaer Women Swimsuit Cover up Beach Kimono Cardigan Loose  Summer Casual Beachwear

Soft amp; Breathable amp; Lightweight Material: Quickly drying, sexy and Semi-sheer Loose Coverups is made of skin-friendly and quality fabric, keeping you cool all days.

Open Front Swimsuit Cover Up: Long sleeve with stretch cuffs amp; ruffle design, Asymmetrical hem and roomy bottom free your body

Sexy kimono Cardigan: Sheer swimsuit for bikini, lightsome rayon fabric, it's soft and breathable , see-through to show your temptation

Large and Casual Open Front Cover : give you versatile wear, you can pick the legging, jeans, pants, or - Women's Sexy Cardigan/Open front Beach Dress/ Bathing suit coverups for women/ Sexy swimsuits for women/ Sexy Swimsuit cover up/ Sheer Beach cover up/ Swimsuit coverup white/ Black coverups for women/open front kimono cardigan/swimsuit cover up open front/open swimsuit cover up/open front swimsuit cover ups for women


Beach cover-ups protect you from the sun. While many of us go to the beach to get that lovely sun-kissed glow, too much sun exposure is a bad thing. Excess sun exposure causes wrinkles, age spots, accelerates the effects of aging, and increases the risk of skin cancer.

A stylish way to protect yourself from the sun is with a sexy beach cover-up. If you’re planning on spending an entire day relaxing at the beach—which is probably why you flew to a gorgeous paradise in the first place—plan on wearing a sexy bikini beachwear .

The necessity for a Kimino Sheer Bikini Cardigan doesn’t end with sun protection, it’s also a very useful item. When you’re walking to and from the beach you want something to cover-up, particularly when walking through common areas like the lobby or a bar. At most resorts, your pool may be a bit of a walk, and if you don’t like walking around in just a bikini, then a bathing beach cover-up is a must. Choose a soft and cozy cover up, loose and casual wear, dry fast and breathable well, perfect be your outfit cover.

open front cover upopen front cover up
cover upcover up

  • OccasionThis Bikini Cardigan Open Front Cover Up can be used as a Sexy Cardigan, Beach Dress,casual T-shirt cover, summer top, sun shirt, perfect for swimwear or any summer shorts, suitable for beach, party, daily wear, swimming pool,Party, Daily Wear, Swimming pool, Water Park,
  • Perfect Match Also can be your open front cover with puff sleeves, this classy and simple design give you various wear with sneakers, jeans, etc, add more spice on your wardrobe, a timeless trend you can wear it.
  • Mommy/Women/Lady Choice If the ladies who have a baby need a loose large size cover up dress to wear it, this one is suited for the pregnant ladies to dress it, open front cover easy to take off and dries quickly, many functions for use.

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Bulk Buy Discounts Ekouaer Women Swimsuit Cover up Beach Kimono Cardigan Loose Chif Popularity

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