Max 57% OFF PAUL HEWITT Anchor Bracelet Leather PHREP Lite - Leather Bracele Our shop most popular

PAUL HEWITT Anchor Bracelet Leather PHREP Lite - Leather Bracele
PAUL HEWITT Anchor Bracelet Leather PHREP Lite - Leather Bracele


Product description

PAUL HEWITT PHREP Lite - Maritime Style Slim Bracelet

The PAUL HEWITT PHREP Lite range consists of understated, thin cuff bracelets that will blend in seamlessly with your style. The subtle, white leather band does not play in the foreground and sets the silver-colored anchor pendant, which is made of stainless steel (nickel-free), in the limelight perfectly.

Leather is a great material because it's very lightweight and comfortable. The braided bracelet design makes this bracelet look truly beautiful and allows numerous matching combinations (for example when paired with a watch by PAUL HEWITT). Thanks to the high-quality processing of the materials, the beautiful look is retained for a long time.


Max 57% OFF PAUL HEWITT Anchor Bracelet Leather PHREP Lite - Leather Bracele Our shop most popular

Max 57% OFF PAUL HEWITT Anchor Bracelet Leather PHREP Lite - Leather Bracele Our shop most popular Clothing, Shoes Jewelry => Women => Clothing we are takes care of post-purchase needs including maintenance, repairs and replacements. Undercover Waterwear Women’s High Waisted Swim Skirt with Attach PAUL HEWITT Anchor Bracelet Leather PHREP Lite - Leather Bracele Highest Discount Sales EXTRA COVERAGE: Our Swim Skirt with Attached Leggings gives extra coverage for swim, sport or resort so no bathing suit needed. This Skirt is a must have! Wear it to the beach, to swim, bike, hike, exercise or just as a cover up. SUN PROTECTION: Women's Skirt with Leggings gives extra sun protection of UPF 50+ for full day protection from the suns ultra-violet rays without needing to apply sunscreen. SUPER FAST DRYING: Made from swimsuit fabric which dries extra quickly and doesn't cling or weigh down when wet! SWIM MATERIAL: All our Swimwear is 80% Lycra and 20% Spandex. These capri leggings are sewn in so you get the best of everything! VERSATILITY: Available in all sizes including Plus size. Comes in different colors so can be easily paired with any of our tops! Product description OUR UNDERCOVER WATERWEAR SWIM SKIRT WITH ATTACHED LEGGINGS IS A PERFECT SOLUTION! NO NEED TO WEAR A BATHING SUIT. OUR BASIC LADIES SWIM SKIRT HAS YOU COVERED IN AND OUT OF THE WATER! The Undercover Waterwear Swim Skirt with Attached Leggings is a versatile and popular number that works well in a variety of sports. Whether you’re SELF-CONSCIOUS or feeling OVER-EXPOSED in a bathing suit or athletic tights, don't worry, we've got you covered. A combination of our POPULAR A-line Skirt and Swim Leggings has everyone falling in love with this item. Our Swim Skirt cover up is a great skirt to wear to swim, bike, hike, or walk. THE BEST PART IS … this Skirt is made from SPECIAL swim fabric making it more breathable for warm weather! The fabric also makes this skirt non-clingy and dry fast without weighing you down. Not only is this an AMAZING swim skirt but this can be used anywhere from a YOGA class to an ATHLETIC bottom. The sleek look of a solid A-line Swim skirt with our Capri leggings looks chic and sporty at the same time. Our swimwear will take you from GYM to SWIM anytime. SPEND MORE TIME IN THE SUN, AND STAY SAFE FROM THE SUN'S DANGEROUS UV RAYS WITH OUR SUN PROTECTIVE SWIMSUITS . Available in BLACK, NAVY, and GREY. "strong"Proudly MADE IN THE USA! I normally wear size 10/12 skirts for modesty purposes. This skirt in XL fit perfectly on my smaller waist and wider hips and still looks modest.I originally bought this skirt to swim in and I am pleased that it never fell off or slid down. Now while wearing this skirt I run and play basketball. It has been washed over 60 times in the last 7 months and it still looks nice!Depending on the temperature and the activity I change the length of the leggings.I hope this review helps! I'm going to buy another one. I know God lead me to this skirt! :) I bought these for swimming but the skirt floats up and gets caught around my neck and shoulders. I am going to have to sew ties on the legs and skirt to keep it down. I am 5'4" and weigh 230 with much of it in my bottom and thighs, and this 3x fit pretty much as expected, although in the back it creates a little wrinkle at the top instead of falling neatly down my hinder, so I guess it's made for someone with slightly smaller hind-quarters, so to speak. It's not that noticeable but it does pull the skirt up in back an inch or two.When dry, you can't see the leggings under the skirt, because the skirt is longer. I was hoping the leggings part would be a bit longer so it didn't look like I was JUST wearing a skirt. Not all the way to the ankles or anything, but these leggings barely cover my knee. And I'm short. I was constantly pulling them down, but this also pulls down the crotch, which then creates some uncomfortable chafing in the lady parts area.It's true the fabric doesn't sag or pull heavily when wet, which was nice, but I sure wish it had ties on the skirt to hold it down. I hate to spend 70 bucks on something only to have to alter it. Also, I did not wear knickers underneath when swimming and there was a little chafing/discomfort, so I'd recommend getting swim briefs or something for under, because there is no "undercarriage" in these, as they call the attached panty. After a while, the layers start to pile up and you wonder why you're not just wearing your regular clothes in the pool, however.I've also worn these to yoga, and they were very HOT and not at all breathable. They were soaking wet after, and I don't usually sweat THAT much during yoga, but it was kind of like being wrapped in plastic. So I have no idea how someone ran a marathon in these; I probably would have died of heat prostration. I bought them for a trip to Florida in May so I hope I'm not going to regret them in 80 degree weather.I really wanted to love these, but there were just too many little things that added up to me NOT loving them, and they were pretty spendy. I could have gotten some quite decent board shorts from Lands End or something for what I paid for this. Sigh. Live and learn.I'm Apostolic and trying to find a skirt I could swim in and still be very Modest is very hard too find. This skirt is very modest and I don't have to worry about my skirt rising up because it has built in leggings under it with a tie from the legging to the skirt under it to keep your skirt down. I'm very happy with this purchase and would definitely buy another one. I purchased one for my mom and both of my daughters also and we all love them. I told some of the ladies at my church and now they want to buy them one. It is a thick material but by the feel of it should dry very quick. I have not went swimming in it yet but I'm looking forward to it soon. It fits as expected. If modesty is important to you then don't hesitate this skirt is definitely for you.Absolutely love this product! I will be ordering more! I ran a Spartan race and I run half marathons in this! The tie strings on the legs are awesome in keeping the skirt from flying up! I was able to climb over walls and other obstacles in the Spartan with ease and modesty! Highly recommend!This is one of the most comfortable garments I’ve ever worn. It could be used for every day wear as well as water activities. While I did not actually swim in it, I am a kindergarten assistant and I purchased it for water day activities last spring. We had many outdoor activities including getting SOAKED by the fire hose! I was very comfortable and confident that I was not showing anything that should be covered! I would definitely recommend this item to anyone wishing to purchase conservative and comfortable water wear and I would DEFINITELY purchase it again!Finally a bathing suit I can wear and still feel comfortable. I’m generally a 12-14 in pants and the XL fits just right. My sway back/butt makes a small bunch just a bit in the back around the waist but that always happens. I’m 5’8 with a long body and it still comes plenty high on my waist and hits at a midi-length. The only negative is that there aren’t any laces to fasten the skirt to the leggings so it’s likely to float up. I’ll probably come up with some way to do that. But overall, it’s a decent weight and seems well made. I’ll update if there are any problems after wearing and washing a few times.I really like this swim skirt with leggings. It is one of the longest skirt with modest leggings out there. Price is high, took me forever to decide to purchase it. Still expensive, but I love it! I'm using it as my workout gear, don't need to worry about showing any shape. The material is pretty thick, the skirt weighted down, so not going to be flying around. The skirt flow and doesn't hug my behind. There is also ties on each side to keep the skirt down. I wish they have a version of same skirt with longer legging, since I realized that the legging tends to rise up while I workout. But overall, this is great!I just received this skirt today I immediately tried it on fits perfectly I love it definitely a blessing to all modest Christian girls I love that the skirt Fits like a pencil skirt but has the amazing stretchy comfort that you mostly find in a line skirts the quality of the skirt feels wonderful even though I haven't swam in it I know it will dry fast and I can wear it around to chase my kids in on our camping trip can't wait to buy another

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