Cheap Factory Outlet Asheville North Carolina NC Vintage Athletic Sports Design Long Outlet Cheap Clearance Online

Asheville North Carolina NC Vintage Athletic Sports Design Long
Asheville North Carolina NC Vintage Athletic Sports Design Long


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Unique established Asheville North Carolina shirt features the original classic distressed athletic sports design amp; is a great way to show your hometown patriotic pride. Perfect gifts for those who love it's charm amp; proud to be from Asheville NC. Vintage Asheville North Carolina shirt with cool old school sports logo makes a great travel souvenir amp; gift. Also available on Mens Womens amp; Kids Tees, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Hoodies amp; Sweatshirts. Click the brand link above to see more styles.


Cheap Factory Outlet Asheville North Carolina NC Vintage Athletic Sports Design Long Outlet Cheap Clearance Online

Not much to comment on here. It lets you connect 2.5” IDE drives in desktop machines.However, (and this is very important for retro computing enthusiasts) it does not work with most really old drives, probably around 10 GB and below.Every reasonably modern drive worked. I tried a 20 GB, a couple 30 GB, and a 100 GB and they all functioned perfectly. The problem showed up when I connected the 3 GB drive from a machine from around 1998. The drive simply wouldn’t spin up at all. The same problem occurred with a 2 GB, a 1.3 GB, and a 540 MB. Clearly, something about these older laptop drives didn’t make the adapter too happy. I think it may have something to do with the drives lacking advanced power management support, but don’t quote me on that.I received the product and for what I'm using it in the clearance issues weren't a problem. This is going in an older mid tower PC so I can re-utilize an old 2.5" IDE laptop hard drive. I got it all hooked up but the system nor BOIS could detect the drive. The clue was the DVD-ROM drive also wasn't detected, both on the same IDE (PATA) cable. Turns out the drive needed a jumper, like what would be on old IDE 3.5" drives. I put the jumper in the Cable Select position and both drives were seen by the BIOS and the system (Ubuntu Linux 18.04). I wonder if the lack of jumper was the issues with some others who experienced it not working at all.My sister's laptop died and she asked me to help her rescue some files for her. I connected it to my desktop using the IDE1 cable and jumpering her drive as slave. One slight hitch was that the PIN 1 indicator on her drive was wack and so I didn't get any happiness until I reversed the ribbon cable from what the manufacturer of the hard drive stated. This is clearly not the fault of this little adapter, it did its job great!Having read other reviews on this item, I was careful with connecting the power adapter to the plugs on my computer. It is not too hard if you've done that kind of thing before. They're always a little wiggly and so you have to kind of work them in... The main plug fits really tight, which is a good thing but it makes removing it from the hard drive a little tough without bending the pins a bit or having it feel like they bent.Turns out more than this product offers! About the best thing I can say is under ideal conditions it's able to do what it claims to do. The real problem is with the power adapter and jumper settings. First I've found that this thing only works as advertised in some jumper settings. That's a limitation on its usefulness.The bigger problem is clearance for the power connector. Often times I don't have room for it in a huge mix of adapters or a tight fit. Also, the supplied power dongle is pure junk. The pins fell out of the plastic housing after one use.None of these are real deal breakers. I've pulled all the plastic off the power dongle and bent the contacts to get it to fit in tight spaces. When it works, it works, when it doesn't work I find something else. (ps - I don't recommend doing this, you'll need to be very careful)I'd be more unhappy if it hadn't been so darn inexpensive.Product works 100% as intended, however, has a major design flaw. The jumper leading out to the power portion, sticks out such a considerable amount that it did not fit in my enclosure. I can see how this can get in the way of most Hard drive installs. Fortunately, I know how to solider so I broke the jumper and soldiered the pins directly to the wire, making it far more manageable.I had one but one of my leads broke going to one of my pens and I couldn't fix it so I wondered a new one very good deal and a great price Can't believe it - thought I will order something decent from Amazon by paying a bit more, man was I wrong this time - the piece arrived in no time (like everything from Amazon) but it didn't work at all - my HDD was not recognized no matter how hard I tried to play with BIOS settings; ordered alternative from China - waited for a month to get delivered but it worked like a charm. Sorry, cannot leave positive feedback on Amazon for the first time I guess. I may be extremely unlucky to get a broken piece but reading other reviews I assume it's not just me.This simple little connector FAILED after 2 boots. Defies logic, but it is made by the chicoms. network of 400+ stores nationally, housing over 200 brands and 5000 products. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Connects notebook hard drive with desktop system Converts 44-pin female IDE to 40-pin male IDE Works with all laptop hard drives, including Dell, Sony, IBM, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, and Fujitsu Product description Product description lt;brgt;lt;h3gt;Modellt;/h3gt;lt;stronggt;Brand: lt;/stronggt;KINAMAXlt;brgt;lt;stronggt;Model: lt;/stronggt;ADP-IDE23lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;h3gt;Speclt;/h3gt;lt;stronggt;Type: lt;/stronggt;2.5" to 3.5" IDElt;brgt;lt;stronggt;Specifications: lt;/stronggt;PCB enclosed in solid plastic molding. Quality designed molding ensures PCB can't short-out. Gold tipped adapter pins for excellent electrical conductivity. All pins included for all 2.5" and 3.5" IDE Hard Drive applications. Convert a notebook hard drive to fit 3.5-inch drive bay Perfect for extra storage Easy assembly Connectors: 44-pin Female to 40-pin IDC Male Use: Connects your 2.5in notebook IDE hard drive to a 40-pin IDE cablelt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;h3gt;Featureslt;/h3gt;lt;stronggt;Features: lt;/stronggt;Works for ALL LAPTOPS HARD DRIVE including DELL, SONY, IBM, Toshiba, HP, COMPAQ, Fujitsu and much more Easily create Ghost images of your laptop (keep in mind that it is much harder to create Ghost Images from laptop itself) Transfer data from laptop drive to a desktop drive the quickest way The best accessory for laptop data backup and recovery This adapter allows you to connect a laptop hard drive to a desktop IDE cable. The laptop hard drive can then be detected and used as a regular IDE;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;h3gt;Manufacturer Warrantylt;/h3gt;lt;stronggt;Parts: lt;/stronggt;1 yearlt;brgt;lt;stronggt;Labor: lt;/stronggt;1 yearlt;brgt; The Kinamax ADP-IDE23 Laptop 2.5-Inch to Desktop 3.5-Inch IDE Hard Drive Adapter Converter lets you use your notebook hard drive with a desktop system. Each adapter features 44-pin female to 40-pin male connectors and a power feed. The adapter works with all laptop hard drives including drives from Dell, Sony, IBM, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Fujitsu, and more. By connecting the drive to your desktop, you can easily transfer data and create ghost images of your laptop. What's in the Box ADP-IDE23 hard drive adapter, and power cable. Sabrent ADP-IDE23 Laptop 2.5-Inch to Desktop 3.5-Inch IDE Hard D Asheville North Carolina NC Vintage Athletic Sports Design Long Cheap Factory Outlet Asheville North Carolina NC Vintage Athletic Sports Design Long Outlet Cheap Clearance Online Electronics => Accessories Supplies => Audio Video Accessories Compare Prices Buy Online

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