Ranking TOP18 Design Art Designart 'Farmhouse Moment Barns' Farmhouse Large Wa Outlets Online

Design Art Designart 'Farmhouse Moment Barns' Farmhouse Large Wa
Design Art Designart 'Farmhouse Moment Barns' Farmhouse Large Wa



Product description

Size:29 in. wide x 29 in. high

A beautiful addition to any home or office, this Farmhouse round wall clock is made on 100% solid aluminum. It has a highly reflective glossy finish creating a sleek modern look. This Farmhouse Moment Barns wall clock arrives completely ready to hang on the wall. Simply insert the "AA" battery included with your order.Available in several size, this Modern Oversized Clock makes it the focal point of any room.Features - Ultra Gloss Coating ensures colors are extra vibrant with light reflection. - 1mm Aluminum grade sheet metal. - 1-inch mounting frame gives the illusion of artwork floating on the wall. - Mounting brackets and instructions are included. - High quality digital images are created directly into a glossy aluminum panel, producing a stunning and captivating print in the glossy finish of the metal. - Looks better than any photo paper and guaranteed to last at least 20 years. - Easy to clean with a microfiber cloth. - "AA" battery included with your order. - Easy to hang.See Options drop down for available sizes.


Ranking TOP18 Design Art Designart 'Farmhouse Moment Barns' Farmhouse Large Wa Outlets Online

Design Art Designart 'Farmhouse Moment Barns' Farmhouse Large Wa in addition to relying on our own expertise, we gather interviews and data from the best sources around Ranking TOP18 Design Art Designart 'Farmhouse Moment Barns' Farmhouse Large Wa Outlets Online I’ve purchased Windmill palms online for many years, only to be disappointed with what arrives on all but two Windmill Palm purchases I’ve ever made. The first one I was happy with came around 10 years ago when I purchased one from a company that no longer offers palms, and that one was MASSIVE. Seriously, the trunk was a solid 4’ tall and the base was 18” around. Unfortunately it didn’t survive one of Northeastern Ohio’s recent winters and I lost it only to have been searching for a replacement ever since.This year I’ve already purchased 5 Windmill Palms from 5 different growers all over the internet, because I’m continually disappointed with what shows up. Therefore I consider myself somewhat of an expert in these guys.Disappointment no more! “Tropical Plants Of Florida” is absolutely AMAZING! While it may take a few days to ship, it’s well worth the extra wait in my opinion! The palm I received from them is on the left, sitting next to one from another grower that I recently repotted in a considerably taller pot. However, as you can see, Tropical Plants Of Florida’s was STILL much taller than the other I purchased this year! This guy is absolutely beyond my expectations, so much so that I purchased 3 more of them a few days later. I also waited to post my review and photos to make sure the additional 3 wasn’t competing with other orders leaving me with smaller versions, which is selfish I know!My only, and I mean ONLY, concern with their palm is the tip burn it arrived with. This is typical of either inconsistent watering, over fertilizing, or the occasional build up of salts within the growing medium that’s typical with city water additives. All these issues can easily be rectified over time as new leafs emerge... therefore it’s not that concerning when you know what your doing with regard to palm care.One last suggestion to anyone that’s still reading my drawn out novel review... most palms, similar to windmills, are believed to produce a set number of fronds at any given point of its growing cycle. Meaning the palm will only put out X new fronds each growing season and no more regardless of how much care you provide. Therefore it’s EXTREMELY important that you never frivolously remove fronds unless absolutely necessary or it’s entirely dead. Palm trees need as many fronds possible In order to produce the highest levels of energy to successfully grow. You won’t find that information in your research, but it’s absolutely true from my lengthy experience. Once again, I’m by no means an expert, but my passion for all things horticulture has driven my desire to know as much as I possibly can regarding plants I enjoy. Between every type of orchid, cymbidium and Vanda being at the top, too Palm Trees... I continue to enjoy growing but wish I had a conservatory to buy more!Once I receive the additional three, I’ll hopefully be excited enough to post more reviews with photos.Thanks for reading my lengthy review and please consider giving me some “likes” or “thumbs up” reviews since I’ve never been a “top review”.. perhaps because I rarely write them too?Cheers y’all!Never have I seen a healthier plant by mail! So happy with how full and healthy the palm tree is. Packaging was very sturdy and protective. Florida-Utah plant was alive and happy. After planting it in a pot there was no shock. No droopy leaves looks just like it did when it arrived. Very happy with everything, will gladly order more in the future.Our tree arrived within promised time frame. It was packaged well and even came with a small package of palm food/fertilizer. Would definitely buy from this seller again. Affordable pricing and quality products.Arrived in good shape, doing well after planted.Beautiful! Superb quality! Beyond satisfied! So badly want another but limited on storage for winter.Wow very pleased pkg was very good delivery was very fast.Tree looks very healthy.They were perfect and arrived quickly.The Tree came in perfect condition. It exceeded my expectations. Windmill Palm Tree - Live Plant - 3 Gallon Pot - Overall Height This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. PLEASE SELECT HEAT PACK OPTION IF YOUR NIGHT TEMPERATURES ARE BELOW 38F The windmill palm is an easy to grow, hardy palm tree This live plant is a beautiful addition to your landscape or patio! Bloom Time: Foliage Plant, dense packed long blade like fronds. Pair with our outdoor soil and tropical plant fertilizer! Product description Size:Plant + Fertilizer + Soil Windmill Palm Planter/pot Size: 10 inches Overall Height*: 34” to 42” *Overall height is inclusive of the planter height. For example, if your plant is 26” tall the first 10” are the planter, followed by 16” of plant height. The Windmill Palm is very easy to grow and hardy for a palm tree. The green, fan shaped leaves have a silvery gray underside and form a compact crown. This palm is moderately tolerant of salt, hence it can be planted in coastal areas. Proper Care: This live palm prefers full sun to shady areas based on your climate. In cooler areas, full sun may be appropriate, otherwise this palm may prefer partial (possibly full) shade. For watering, the wind mill palm needs well drained, moist soil, otherwise (along with over saturation) root rot can occur. This palm is drought tolerant, however dry soil will stunt growth. Optional Add On: -Tropical Plant 16-6-11 Fertilizer, 16oz container. Use 2 TBSP of fertilizer per 3 gallon plant or 1/2 TBSP per 1 gallon plant, every 3 months. -Outdoor Plant Potting Soil -Heat Pack: If you live in a cold area (nightly temp reaching below 38F, or if you ship through a cold route) please make sure to add a heat pack! We are not responsible for plants with cold damage due to lack of purchasing a heat pack.Note: Please understand that each plant is slightly varies (it is a living thing!) and therefore your plant may not look identical to the photo. We do our best to pick the healthiest, best quality plant for you!Disclaimer: We DO NOT ship to AK, HI or PR Patio, Lawn Garden => Gardening Lawn Care => Plants, Seeds Bulbs Sale Online With Discounts Price

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