Max 74% OFF Senior 2020 Soccer Players High School Graduation Gift T-Shirt Sale price

Senior 2020 Soccer Players High School Graduation Gift T-Shirt
Senior 2020 Soccer Players High School Graduation Gift T-Shirt


Product description

Grab yourself a stylish design with this Senior 2020 Soccer Graduation shirt which is the perfect gift for senior high school graduates and Soccer players.This cool design features the text 'Senior 2020' with a Soccer ball wearing a black graduation cap and will be loved by graduating college and high school seniorsThis cool and fun design is sure to make your family, friends or colleagues smile from ear to ear! No longer be stuck searching for a souvenir birthday present for your Girlfriend, Mum or Daughter with this unique gift! The best gifts are both personal and functional, and that is why this slick design is a fantastic choice.


Max 74% OFF Senior 2020 Soccer Players High School Graduation Gift T-Shirt Sale price

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I have been at this trying to fix this f@#%ing controller for OVER 3 DAYS, and I KNOW doing installs like this voids my warranty from Sony, so unless there is some magic fix out there, I'm out a controller thanks to these pretty pieces of plastic. So beyond mad. This is my 1st controller mod and I'm absolutely in love with it!! Everything fit perfectly, easy to install, looks amazing, controller fully works after putting it back together. I followed a YouTube tutorial that was extremely clear and direct with extra tips included, for example L1/L2 have some specific things you need to pay attention to during re-assembly or else they won't work after.There was only 2 parts that would have made this perfection:1) wish the buttons came with the PS icons and arrows on the D pad2) tiny bubble on one of the D-pad arrows (see last photo)It was a little tricky installing the trigger buttons L1, L2 and R1,R2 because you have to take the controller apart and unscrew the motor out. Make sure you look at the original (since they come all mixed in a bag) so when you assemble the new one it looks identical to it. I would be perfect if there was images or indentation of each button, they're all blank. For someone with dyslexia or doesn't play often will not remember the buttons.Small parts to mess withComfortable in the handAlittle pricy compared to their websiteBefore you get this watch the installation video!DONT MESS WITH ANY OF THE SPRINFS ON THE TRIGGERS!most of the assembly is easy until you get to the triggers. Do this is in a clean room with no carpets(you'll thank me).After installing they look awsome especially paired with the black plates. These controllers are fairly complex and the components are small. I found the YouTube video from this company for the install. I HIGHLY recommend watching and having it by you side for reference. It made the process much easier. Kit includes a pry tool, extra screws and is very well built. Installed just as the video demonstrated and worked perfectly after completion. Really like the new look! Great product, great company!

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