Free Shipping New 64 years old 64th Birthday Anniversary Gift Limited 1957 Raglan Buy Discounted Prices

64 years old 64th Birthday Anniversary Gift Limited 1957 Raglan
64 years old 64th Birthday Anniversary Gift Limited 1957 Raglan


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Free Shipping New 64 years old 64th Birthday Anniversary Gift Limited 1957 Raglan Buy Discounted Prices

Shop Outlet Online This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Satin Imported 90 Inches long x 108 Inches wide - Measurements are the total of 2 curtain panels together. Made in Turkey Set of 2 curtain panels - Suitable size for most living rooms and bedrooms, Unique. Genuine. Fun. Machine washable - On cold delicate cycle, tumble dry on low. Features a 2.5-inch rod pocket. Made from - High-quality silky satin polyester blend. Provides an elegant look and silky soft touch! Adds great perspective - Bold graphics printed with state of the art digital printing technology. Product Description Out of the numerous online home textile companies, Ambesonne has proven itself to be one with the widest design range. Vivid prints adorned on high-quality fabric picked precisely for your unique desires. Easy washable and printed with high-tech printing technology these fabrics will surely turn your personal spaces into precious homes. Made from high quality 100% polyester tight woven, Turkish made, silky satin fabric, the material contains no dye substance harming the health of your family. These modern curtain patterns are so vibrant in color and print that they will be your new source of joy during your daily living room chores. The high-tech printing technique we use ensures our prints will be carrying the crown in your home for a very long time. Ambesonne makes sure to bring to you excellent service with your purchases as we know the impact of convenient details when buying a piece of item to your precious homes and how much of a difference it can make in the impression gained in your experience with us. This is why Ambesonne’s curtains come with rod pockets. Decorating your sacred space is now easier and a lot more fun! Ambesonne offers you a category of curtains that is not only admirable to the eye but is also very easy to use/take care of. These machine washable products sustain their color and vibrancy for a long time without any fading or deformation in the fabric. All you have to do is sit back and watch these alluring curtains embellish your space with an elegant touch. Home Kitchen => Home Décor Products => Window Treatments and keep in mind: most of our products you won’t be able to find anywhere else! Free Shipping New 64 years old 64th Birthday Anniversary Gift Limited 1957 Raglan Buy Discounted Prices 64 years old 64th Birthday Anniversary Gift Limited 1957 Raglan I originally got these for my sliding glass door but after having them hung a few days realized that it was bothersome to open and close everytime the dog needed to go out. I didn't want to return them so I racked by brain and came up with an alternative! I have a large closet in my master B'room that had three sliding louvered doors on it which attracted dust like crazy and were hard to clean. I took them down and replaced them with sheets hung on a cable. This was sufficient, not all that attractive but it served the purpose.I got the idea to use these instead. I purchased on Amazon a long tension rod which works great and slide the curtains on and placed it in the opening. They fit perfectly length wise and since they are closed most of the time give us a beautiful 'Island View' AND what's even better is that when I turn on the closet light it back lights the scene and makes you feel like you have the beach right outside your bedroom.These are a heavy weight satin and the color is rich, and true to the photo. The blue is very sky like, no off colors on any of it. I would recommend getting this to turn any room into a wonderful vista. You could even install a rod on a wall and display these. They are matched up just perfectly so when closed you don't see a line. Misleading advertising. I have placed the order of the Tiger Curtains as shown, instead I have received the wrong itums "curtains" of 2 Pannels ( each pannel got 1/2 face on it. the secound pannel will compleate Tigers face added together!!! As you can see on the upload of the compleate curtain. NOT at all like the 2 whole Tigers seen walking side by side as advertised. What I have seen on the advertising of the cortain was a beautiful pictures of 2 Tigers. I am so very disapointed and need to Return this itum. Please mail a return label. Further I'm Requesting my full refunds tax included fee of 53.52 dollars - wasted. Shipped directly by amazon. Thank you!I absolutely love these! I will be buying more!!! Art lines up from panel to panel. They are beautiful, and well made. Looks like a mural. I already have another set on the way with different art. Great job!!!!I have such a difficult time believing these curtains got any poor reviews. Firstly, how clever to make an image that spans across both curtains. It’s like looking outside a window into another world (a much more attractive/interesting one). I actually sew for a living, and am very impressed with the quality of these- great care was taken to make sure that the two curtains overlap in just a way so the picture isn’t interrupted. It’s been a long time since I’ve purchased curtains, and after a lot of looking in store and online, found these to be VERY reasonably priced. Overall an excellent purchase.Perfect backdrop for my dinning room. I definitely will order more for different seasons.I’ll be the first to admit it...I thought these curtains would be super thin, cheapy...not even worth the inexpensive price I paid for them! I mean, HOW could they be anything but when I paid such a low price?!? me dumbstruck! I cannot BELIEVE how gorgeous these...absolutely stunning curtains turned out to be!Since they aren’t really thick, they drape down beautifully (but they’re by no means flimsy or sheer). Design wise, the details are spectacular...I now have a castle balcony out my condo’s sliding glass door!Now, it’s just a matter of choosing the next “scene” I want to look out my window amp; see!Love these curtains! The panels line up perfectly as if a continuous curtain. Excellent 3D effect. Definitely a must have!Great colors, nice designs, slick and soft satin-like however strong fabric. Pictures are as shown, my kids are very happy with the sloth and with the fantasy ship curtains. I hung each of them on the multi rail IKEA system. I have light green blackout curtains (see green rim on my pics) on the rail behind the sloth curtain and regular white blackouts behind the fantasy ship. This works great to block the light and adds to the design. Ambesonne Bowling Party Curtains, Pile of Vivid Bowling Pins and

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