Discounts Online Clearance Sale Live Russian Comfrey Root, Bocking 14 Cultivar by Verdant Treasu Max 55% OFF

Live Russian Comfrey Root, Bocking 14 Cultivar by Verdant Treasu
Live Russian Comfrey Root, Bocking 14 Cultivar by Verdant Treasu


Product description

Choose Verdant Treasures comfrey for our beyond organic growing methods, secure packaging and guaranteed results. No other comfrey vendor offers this kind of assurance of your growing success. Each order will contain a comfrey root which is approximately the size of a standard cigarette, similar to the pictures above.

Tolerates harsh conditions if not allowed to dry out or rot

One of the best dynamic mineral accumulators

Excellent living mulch around trees and shrubs

Powerful roots break up clay soils and hardpan

Excellent breeding grounds for earthworms

One of the most important plants in permaculture

Make Your Own Fertilizer: Included in your package will be instructions for growing and making your own comfrey compost tea to dilute and use directly on your outdoor plants and trees. Using just a bucket, comfrey leaves and non-chlorinated water you are just a couple of weeks away from making your own powerful supplementary liquid fertilizer

Feed your chickens or other livestock: Our barn and coop friends can’t seem to get enough high-protein comfrey leaves. Whether straight off the plant, or wilted, you can save money on feed by supplementing with these wonderful leaves

Use comfrey as a green addition to a carbon rich compost pile: Good compost piles have a balance of “greens” and high carbon “browns”. Comfrey leaves are one of the best green additions to woodchips, straw or dried fall leaves to really supercharge your homemade compost

Grow your own medicine: Grow comfrey and save on pricey herbal medicines for minor scrapes, bruises and sprains by making your own with free online recipes for salves, ointments and oils.


Discounts Online Clearance Sale Live Russian Comfrey Root, Bocking 14 Cultivar by Verdant Treasu Max 55% OFF

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