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President Ulysses S. Grant Tank Top
President Ulysses S. Grant Tank Top


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This United States Political History shirt features President Ulysses S. Grant. Celebrate American and Presidential History with this design from The War Is Hell Store.


Discount Deals Online Vintage President Ulysses S. Grant Tank Top Direct stock discount

Dragonball Evolution [Blu-ray] I grew up watching DBZ and i'd be lying if i said i didn't have an absolute blast watching this moving. The actors were...well they were bad but the fighting was great, kinda. The plot was also bad. Come to think of it, there was nothing particularly good about this movie except the title and pretty colors. I should have mentioned i watched this with the wife while we were hammering down mimosas. All in all, i recommend getting drunk and watching any B movie, they all become comedies!What did I just watch? Has absolutely nothing to do with Dragon Ball at all. Even if you take it at face value and ignore everything else it's still a bad movie. Terrible acting, bad script, fight scenes are poorly done. It's so bad even my 9 year old asked me if we can turn it off and watch something else and they love these types of movies usually.This movie looked like it was written by a middle school theater student. The plot was really rushed the only character that had ANY improvement from the beginning was Goku, also no disrespect to the actors but who chose them? This probably would've been a much better movie if you would have made it about Krillin learning how to shine his head. In fact I would've rather watch that. Whoever did write this story though or even collaborated with it I really hope this movie haunts you in your sleep. Now I'm not gunna judge the actors because they were only trying to portray what they were told to portray, probably why they didn't hire ANY B-list or above actors; they would've scoffed right in their faces reading that script. There was SO much potential and possible revenue you could've made had this movie been done right. Piccolo though? You chose PICCOLO as the main villain AND gave him a terrible backstory. Like c'mon nobody who has seen DBZ would have been like yeah that was awesome! Because if they are saying that then they have probably only watched a couple episodes.Some factors you should've went with:Brought in Krillin (You know Goku's BEST FRIEND)Maybe use Vegeta? The guy who is literally the BETTER villain BY far!Literally any other story line. You took something great, and even if it was 60% good I think people would've been okay with it.My last couple of thoughts. This goes to you Hollywood, before you take a franchise that you believe you can make money off of that has a reputation and has been around for MANY MANY years that you haven't created. DO IT JUSTICE! Why do you think Wonder Woman succeeded and Justice League BOMBED? I'll tell you, DIRECTOR DIRECTOR DIRECTOR.I really hope that you can do another one and actually get it right. I understand where you were trying to go with it. Mixing the anime world with the real world but it doesn't really work out that well. You can have it both ways. So please I am begging you do a better job next time Hollywood. PLEASE! Goku goes to HS, gets picked on by a bully, then he puts on a hoodie. He daydreams about the cute girl in class, and he opens lockers with his ki. Master Roshi teaches him to airbend which had me wondering if they just didn't know what franchise they were adapting. It tries to be your standard Discovering Your Greater Destiny story, but there are 100,000+ movies who've done that better.Everything you've ever heard about this movie is right. Did not expect a whole lot from another live action rendition of an anime classic going in. That said this was a whole extra level of not good, at all!Almost all of the scenes felt disjointed like having a seizure with snippets of lucidity every couple of minutes or so. One transition/training scene in particular was so out of place and low budget compared to the rest of the movie that I swear the director created a time machine and went back to film it inside the Universal Studios-Terminator 2 attraction when it first opened in 1995 and then used the souvenir VHS you can buy afterwards of yourself on the ride as the film stock.In good conscience I can not give it one star only because Chow Yun-Fat somehow found himself mixed up in this debacle and he is too good an actor to have that type of review attached to his name. If you do decide to sacrifice 85min of your life to watch this I recommend you keep a really really stiff drink at hand. Or several Some movies just do not translate well from their original comic/cartoon selves to the live-action big screen. It took a while for the technology needed to make such transitions almost seemless today. (Just watch the first TMNT movie and compare it to the latest.) And then there's this little gem. Forget the low star reviews. People lack imagination and are way too unforgiving these days. If you want to see something along the lines of the latest Transformers series or a Marvel Universe flick, you won't find it here. And that's not the worst thing you can say about any movie.I think they had a vision for this movie and hit their mark. It's not an overly cheesy, overly aggressive film. But it is a bit goofy. And more importantly, it knows it! They weren't trying to make this into some kind of grand display of CGI and action. It actually tells a story quit well, in fact. I suggest you only watch this if you can appreciate it for what it is as well as what it is m. knight shambalam.I got the movie because I thought to myself, "It can't possibly be as bad as I remember". It was, it so was. If you liked the show even a little bit, never watch this movie. Only the names of the main characters are the same and 99.8% of the story is completely different and not in a good way. Heaven help the creators of this atrocity. Discounts Offers Online and keep in mind: most of our products you won’t be able to find anywhere else! Discount Deals Online Vintage President Ulysses S. Grant Tank Top Direct stock discount Movies TV => Blu-ray => Movies President Ulysses S. Grant Tank Top Editorial Reviews Quick Shipping !!! New And Sealed !!! This Disc WILL NOT play on standard US DVD player. A multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player is request to view it in USA/Canada. Please Review Description.

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