Free Shipping and Online Purchase DSWDAA Foot Stool Sofa Stool Round Stackable Leather Shoe Bench Cheap bargain

DSWDAA Foot Stool Sofa Stool Round Stackable Leather Shoe Bench
DSWDAA Foot Stool Sofa Stool Round Stackable Leather Shoe Bench


Product description

Size:28.5x36cm  |  Color:Pink

Furniture modern and practical design ottoman stool, high quanlity,comfortable seating, different colors,perfect match for your home
Multifunction for using:
-Small and cute stool for living room, dressing room, vanity, dorm, apartment.
-An extra seating in front of the big screen in the game night, gatherings, party.
-As a little side table to put remote control, cellphone or cups.
-Rest your feet when you lougne in the recliner or accent chair, can be tucked away when not in use, takes up minimal space.
-Perfect and good looking home decor, goes well with your home furniture.
Product Details:
Color: Light tan , Yellow , Green , green , Pink
Dimensions: (diameter X height) 28.5x36cm, 28.5x46cm( see dimension drawing)Easy to Clean and Assemble: Easy to assemble. Leather top makes clean up easy
Help someone needed to reach high wardrobe, shelves, pantry/kitchen to look in the food cupboards ,do garden weeding, Even the motor home


Free Shipping and Online Purchase DSWDAA Foot Stool Sofa Stool Round Stackable Leather Shoe Bench Cheap bargain

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