On Sale USA Outlet AGFRC 55KG A86BHMW Purple Brushless Programmable Waterproof Serv Best Stores Online

AGFRC 55KG A86BHMW Purple Brushless Programmable Waterproof Serv
AGFRC 55KG A86BHMW Purple Brushless Programmable Waterproof Serv



Product description

AGFRC 55KG Digital Steering Servo High Torque Waterproof Programmable Metal Gear Brushless Servo for 1/8 1/10 RC Models, Purple, Control Angle 180°(A86BHMW)


  • High precision magnetic angle sensor
  • Strengthen high chrome steel shaft
  • Extremely strong patent steel gears
  • Super smooth three ball bearings
  • IP67 waterproof design and waterproof rubber seals.
  • Programmable digital circuit for parameter adjustment via AGF-SPV2 servo programmer, such as angle, speed, torque, SANWA SSR mode, etc.
  • Ideal for monster truck, and 1/8 1/10 scale on road, off road, truck, boat, airplane, helicopter, robot, etc.

Stall Torque

  • 35 kg-cm (486 oz-in)@4.8V
  • 40 kg-cm (556 oz-in)@6.0V
  • 49 kg-cm (681 oz-in)@7.4V
  • 55 kg-cm (764 oz-in)@8.4V

Operating Speed

  • 0.175sec/60°@4.8V
  • 0.142sec/60°@6.0V
  • 0.125sec/60°@7.4V
  • 0.110sec/60°@8.4V


  • Brand: AGFRC
  • Control System: PWM, 333hz
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8V ~ 8.4V
  • Dead Band: 2 uSec
  • Operating Travel: 180°±10°, 500 to 2500 uSec
  • Horn Gear Spline: 25T-φ5.92mm
  • Bearing: 3BB
  • Case Material: AL6061T6
  • Size: 40*20*41.5mm(1.57*0.79*1.63in)
  • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHs
  • Weight: 88.5g(3.12oz)
  • Wire: TYU 300mm


On Sale USA Outlet AGFRC 55KG A86BHMW Purple Brushless Programmable Waterproof Serv Best Stores Online

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I do have to make sure that the bottom is solid when I set it down as I worry that the sleeve may bunch up and then set up the bottle to spill, but it hasn't actually happened yet, just a thought.Really beautiful design and very comfortable to use. I love the straw amp; had no issues with leaking. 3 stars only because I poured my iced coffee into mine this morning, and it all leaked out the bottom. After removing the protective sleeve, I discovered a piece of glass had inexplicably broken off of the bottom underneath it, despite my only hand washing the item and being very careful (I only used mine indoors on my desk/it never had been dropped). Just made the purchase few weeks ago and I'm very sad! :( I love to keep this at my desk. It reminds me to drink my daily water amount! So I love the silicone lid with the metal straw. My old Tronco Glass Tumbler with Straw and Bamboo Lid has an Insulator Sleeve, the bamboo lid molded, so I updated. 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