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Xiwstar 5Pcs Women's Hair Bands Fashion Crystal Rhinestone Hair
Xiwstar 5Pcs Women's Hair Bands Fashion Crystal Rhinestone Hair


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Buy Online At Best Prices Xiwstar 5Pcs Women's Hair Bands Fashion Crystal Rhinestone Hair Free Worldwide Shipping

Buy Online At Best Prices Xiwstar 5Pcs Women's Hair Bands Fashion Crystal Rhinestone Hair Free Worldwide Shipping Xiwstar 5Pcs Women's Hair Bands Fashion Crystal Rhinestone Hair I won't mince words, let's get down to the nitty gritty:Ric Flair Vs. Sheldon Benjamin - This was one of Sheldon's first foray's into solo competition in 2004 after a successful stint with Charlie Haas as part of "The World's Greatest Tag Team" on Smackdown. As for Ric Flair, what's there to say? He's one of the best of all time and he really helps Sheldon (who is a great athlete and wrestler) look good here. Kudos to both men!Tajiri Vs. The Coach - This was nothing more than a way to introduce Garrison Cade though I have to admit Johnathan Coachman had flashes of brilliance at times against Tajiri. The "Japanese Buzzsaw" was never really used much when he came from Smackdown to RAW but he's his usual great self here. Sadly, this wasn't one of his brighter moments. Worth a look though.Chris Jericho Vs. Trish Stratus/Christian (Cage) - This was rematch of sorts from WrestleMania 20 when Trish and Christian swerved Jericho. While this match could've been a total clusterbomb, these three actually made it halfway entertaining for the home country crowd (all three are from Canada). Jericho gets his revenge on Trish and Christian here. Decent bout.Victoria Vs. Lita (WWE Women's Title Match) - There have been great women's title matches over the years. This is not one of them! Surprising, considering the talent here. Say what you want about Lita but the woman could perform when she wants and was a 1st class entertainer at one time. Same for Victoria and that's why this match was a letdown. The most exciting part was seeing Molly Holly and Gail Kim (now of TNA) crash the party. Worth one look but not worth repeated viewing.Randy Orton Vs. Mick Foley (Cactus Jack) - This was a hardcore match for Randy's Intercontinental Title and what a match it was! Foley (like Flair) is good about putting over new or underpushed talent and was at his best. This bout sort of reminded me of the street fight match that Foley had with HHH at The Royal Rumble 2000.As for Randy, this was one of his biggest bouts during what was (in my view) his hottest streak including his current WWE title reign (as I write this review). He definitely came through here!Kudos to both men here. I will say this, I am no moralist but I would recommend this match only as for adults only! I don't have kids but if I did, I wouldn't let them watch this match because it does get vicious in spots. Anyway, great match!La Resistance Vs. Rosey and Hurricane - Got to be honest, didn't watch much of this one. Don't even know who won! Sorry.Edge Vs. Kane - In Edge's first bout in over a year, he takes on Kane. Not a bad match but I've seen better between these two (particularly WWE Vengeance 2005). Edge wins when he uses his cast on Kane along with a spear.Chris Benoit Vs. Triple H Vs. Shawn Michaels (World Heavyweight Title Match/Triple Threat Rules) - A great follow up to WrestleMania XX! I tend to like both bouts equally. I don't prefer one over the other. The ending is poetic justice as Benoit makes Shawn tap out to The Sharpshooter in Canada!On a personal note, this match (while I did enjoy it) made me sad and a bit angry as well. Reason being was seeing Chris' family there and knowing how destroyed they must be by Chris' actions back in June of 2007. While I will never take away what Chris Benoit did in the ring (and he was a great performer), its more important to have a good and stable life away from your profession. In the end, that's what counts. I am no preacher or anything but I do have some heart for this family as well as Nancy's for their loss.Back to the match, it is worth viewing.Overall, a great card to get and keep (especially since WWE has pulled this release).This is a pretty good PPV with high and low spots. It's hard to follow Wrestlemania each year with a great PPV.Matt Hardy vs Val Venis 4/10this was on Sunday Night Heat.not a great match. crowd was dead. the only reason it gets a 4 is for the end result.Ric Flair vs Shelton Benjamin 8/10a good match. thought breaking up Benjamin amp; Haas was a bad idea but Benjamin is awesome on his own. Flair really puts the kid over with the crowd. i predict big things for this kid.Jonathan Coachman vs Tajiri 3/10Tajiri was brought to Raw for this? Coach shows a few wrestling moves but Tajiri is holding back. they may as well tied Tajiri's hands behind his back the way he performed. big disappointment! Garrison Cade appears in this one.Handicap MatchChristian amp; Trish Stratus vs Chris Jericho 7/10a pretty good match. not as good as Wrestlemania because of Trish having to wrestle. these 2 work good together.Women's ChampionshipVictoria vs Lita 5/10not bad for a ladies match. Victoria is showing improvement as a wrestler. too bad they held Lita back. could have been much better. Gail Kim amp; Molly Holly ruin it afterwards.Intercontinental ChampionshipHardcore MatchRandy Orton vs Cactus Jack 10/10this one steals the show. a match of the year candidate. back and forth brutal action with lots of blood and bumps. glad Evolution was banned from ringside.Mick Foley was in the best shape he's been in since 1989. losing 50 lbs helps Mick in this one. i have never been impressed with Orton until this one. he shows he can be a big match guy.#1 Contender for World Tag Team TitleLa Resistance vs Hurricane amp; Rosey 6/10a fairly decent match but crowd went completely dead. has a surprise ending. run in by Eugene was hilirous. enjoyed Eugene's segment in the locker room with Gail Kim, Molly Holly amp; William Regal.Kane vs Edge 4/10very disappointing match! not a great way for Edge's return. this looked like a Heat match. Kane looked like a jobber. this could have been a lot better.World Heavyweight ChampionshipTriple Threat MatchChris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple HHH 9/10 an excellent match for the rematch. not as good as Wrestlemania encounter but nothing could top that. this is an exciting back and forth encounter. hometown fans are definitely behind Benoit. i wish Canadian fans would leave Michaels alone about 1997 with Bret Hart. it wasn't Shawn's fault. he doesn't deserve boos. overall a great match.WWE Backlash 2004 was really entertaining. Thanks for selling this item.wwe...when they were must see t.v.!!!Great DVD to have.keep up the great workThis was a gift for my grandson, he was very happy with it. Cheap For Sale With 100% Quality Guaranteed you can even do things the traditional way and come to collect your purchase at one of our showrooms. the choice is completely up to you. WWE: Backlash 2004 Movies TV => Genre for Featured Categories => Sports

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