Offers Up to 30% Off Butterfly Blue Yellow Ribbon T21 Down Syndrome Awareness Pullove Outlet Discount Store Online

Butterfly Blue Yellow Ribbon T21 Down Syndrome Awareness Pullove
Butterfly Blue Yellow Ribbon T21 Down Syndrome Awareness Pullove


Product description

If you don’t count the chromosomes, then this cool Down Syndrome awareness design is just for you! Help to raise the awareness for Down Syndrome in the society and support all the parents and families of kids with Trisomy 21.


Offers Up to 30% Off Butterfly Blue Yellow Ribbon T21 Down Syndrome Awareness Pullove Outlet Discount Store Online

HERA Sensual Fresh Nude Lip Tint for Moisturizing Dry Lips, Ligh Butterfly Blue Yellow Ribbon T21 Down Syndrome Awareness Pullove online shopping Easily Blends for Natural Color and Texture - With a dewy, velvety texture, HERA Sensual Fresh Nude Lip Tint seamlessly blends on your lips for a soft petal look and feel. Our lip tint is made with a berry juice complex that is deeply moisturizing and quickly absorbed to create light, silky smooth lips. Kissable Lip Gloss -Designed to blend well for a cohesive look, the oil-based pigment is not easily smudged or wiped away for perfectly kissable lips. Create an intense lip color by layering the tint for a fuller lip look with added shine. Eight Fresh Colors - Adapting to today’s ever-changing styles, our rich-tinted lip gloss is available in eight matte colors. Our pure natural colors aid in brightening skin tone for a fresh, vibrant look. Our shimmery lip gloss is sure to become a permanent staple in your makeup bag. Natural and Long Lasting - Apply HERA Sensual Fresh lip tint as part of your new K-beauty routine. The natural color evenly blends with the lips to create a soft glow. The lip tint includes glow-enhancer oil for a sheer gloss and matte pigment powder technology for creating long-lasting, richly-tinted lips. Easy to Apply - Refresh your look anytime with our moisturizing lip gloss. Easy to apply, each bottle is capped with a special lip brush that is textured for precise dipping and easy lip contouring. Our lip tint smooths the lips, highlighting contours to help them appear full and plump. Product Description This is my 2nd lippie of the range. Colors are amazing and it seems to mesh with my own natural lip color to bring about that MLBB lookThis HERA Sensual Fresh Nude Lip Tint is sort of amazing. The shade Not Fear, on my lips, looks more orange than I expected. It's pretty but not a full on red. It still works for my skin tone though. It applies like a lip gloss and is opaque. It is smooth and feels silky soft on my lips. After about five or six minutes, I can feel a slight tightening on my lips and the gloss goes from being oily to drier (but not dull). It remains shiny and doesn't prune my lips at all but it clings to my lips far better than traditional gloss or lipstick.It will transfer when eating or drinking and does transfer when kissing although it says it doesn't. But it leaves behind a stain on my lips that last for hours. The other day I applied this tint in the morning and, at night, there was still some color left on my lips when I washed my face. It isn't a long wearing matte lipstick and it isn't JUST a lip oil or lip gloss. It's sort of a moisturizing, long wearing, shiny, opaque lip color. I don't like the taste. It is a soapy taste that I can't avoid every time I apply the lip tint. Yuck. But overall, this is a super unique lip product that I like quite a bit. It is pricey for a small tube though. I am not sure I could justify spending so much for one small lip color even though it is quite unique. But if you have the money and like shiny, long lasting lip colors that hydrate, this one is for you.The HERA Sensual Fresh Nude Lip Tint is an excellent tint that offers long lasting color that feels good on the lips, looks great when applied, and lasts a long time before needing to be reapplied. The tint color will vary depending on skin tone, but I found that it was definitely not a nude color - this is definitely a bold red lip tint. It was much brighter red than I expected, and works well as a "night on the town" type of color. The tint feels a bit dry, but has a slight sheen to it when worn. It doesn't feel greasy or tacky when applied, but it doesn't feel overly dry either - it feels just slightly drier feeling than chapstick. This lip color does transfer a bit when you drink out of mug/cups, but it's not a heavy transfer like lipstick or tinted chapsticks. Although it does transfer, I noticed that the tint didn't noticeably fade on my lips until much later in the day. The color is fairly long lasting, and I was able to go several hours before needing to reapply, even with some snacking and drinking tea at my desk. For those who are sensitive to flavors or scents, this tint does have a markedly noticeable floral scent and slight flavor. It's not super strong, but it's definitely noticeable, particularly when first applying. While I like this tint, it's not significantly better than other more budget friendly tints I've tried recently. At the current ~ price this is a lip tint that I'd consider getting from time to time as a "treat yourself", but wouldn't be something I would regularly buy.The HERA Sensual Fresh Nude Lip Tint for Moisturizing Dry Lips is a lip tint, similar to other lip tints that I've used in the past. I put these on, and instead of using a concentrated amount on my lips, I sheer out the color on my lips until there's more of a "hint" of color than the brash pigment. It's pretty standard lip fashion nowadays, and it tends to make lipstick last a little longer.This lip tint is made of concentrated pigment so that the color can be sheered out, but will stay a long time on the lips. This color will also moisturize, kind of like a lip balm.The Hera tint definitely has a soft, moisturizing feel to it. It feels almost like a gloss. However, when I sheered out the color, it still retained a good amount of pigment, and it was able to evenly stain the lips. I will say that the name of this product is a little confusing--it's a nude lip tint (but it's bright red!), it's a "matte lipstick" (that feels like a gloss!), and it seems to be marketed as a gloss and a matte product. I'd say it falls between a balm and a long-wearing gloss/sheer lipstick. I don't know that I'd be prepared to stick the word "matte" in there very much.The price point seems a bit high for a gloss/balm/pretty word salad/lip color. It doesn't seem quite long-wearing enough to justify the price, although HERA is a prestige brand. I suspect this is a product that might be trying to do too much. 10/7/21~ Upon 1st application of 'No Fear' I panicked.Described as a "Calm, Cool Red", it was not.As a gloss it's True Red in all it's orange glory.Yet somehow, as a tint, it transforms to the perfect kissed red lips.As Hera included no instructions, here you go.* Apply carefully to entire lip* Take care to evenly line outside amp; fill inside, including damp part* Sit for a minute amp; wipe off completely* If you want deeper color, RepeatFrom a distance on my over 50 lips, looks great.Close up faint settling of color in lines.I always wear a gloss/balm all day so under clear coat, looked great.Amore Pacific has been one of my go-to luxury brands.My only caveat with this tint is, I know they were Cruelty Free.I see nothing, on page or packaging to support it.Tint does leave lips soft amp; Page shows Gloss color not Tint color.So this is gonna be a hard one without review pix to judge tint.I'd check out a return policy but all in all a good find. Beauty Personal Care => Makeup => Lips our in-store sales team makes sure to understand every customer's personal needs and budgets while assisting them to make the best choice while buying their tech. Offers Up to 30% Off Butterfly Blue Yellow Ribbon T21 Down Syndrome Awareness Pullove Outlet Discount Store Online

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