Discounts Sale Online Kiss Me My DNA Says I'm French Green St Patricks Day Sweatshirt Best Deal On High-Quality

Kiss Me My DNA Says I'm French Green St Patricks Day Sweatshirt
Kiss Me My DNA Says I'm French Green St Patricks Day Sweatshirt


Product description

This design has the words, kiss me my DNA says I'm French. It makes an awesome present for friends, family, mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle and even cousins who has a DNA results and know they are French.


Discounts Sale Online Kiss Me My DNA Says I'm French Green St Patricks Day Sweatshirt Best Deal On High-Quality

Discounts Sale Online Kiss Me My DNA Says I'm French Green St Patricks Day Sweatshirt Best Deal On High-Quality There are so many things wrong with this "blanket" I'm not even sure where to start.I assumed, like any sane person, that "assorted colors" meant that there would be some variation in the color bands, but the colors would essentially be as presented. But no. The blanket I received had three colors: Turquoise, green, and white.The size descriptions are also WAY off. This "blanket" is more the size of a table runner. It is much shorter than promised, and It is too skinny to blanket anything human sized.The fabric is EXTREMELY thin.I'm not sure how they justify this product. It is not a blanket, it is not the size promised, and it is not the colors indicated.If you're looking for an actual throw or anything sort of blankety or anything that resembles the photo, I would look elsewhere. Overall quality is just OK. The main issue is that the size is misrepresented not once but twice. In the Amazon comparison window it say 60x80 the products own description it says "6' long x 38 inches wide" you can see by my pic it's barely 30 1/2 inches wide ( basically 20% smaller ) . I would have never ordered it if I knew it was only 30 ' wide. I'llg onto it because it will suit it's immediate purpose but uses such as a comfy light couch blanket are limited ...Doesn't even look like in the picture. Totally different colors. I bought these to serve as covers for friends amp; family sitting outside in the evening cool of the mountains in our newly built chairs in the newly built fire pit. The colors are vibrant amp; the weight is acceptable.However, before I wash them, I will have to machine sew the sides of these poorly finished blankets or they will surely unravel.I did not return either order because I had difficulty sourcing them from any place else. Also, neither of the several I purchased have a tag indicating their place of origin, fabric content or care. They are several inches smaller in width than the ones I purchased years ago in Mexico (I still have those blankets amp; they are used frequently).Because the colors are good amp; the blankets filled a specific need, I’d give them 2 1/2 stars if I could. For this rating I rounded up to 3 stars. The item could possibly be 5 stars if they made the improvements that this rating details. So when I was a kid and we build hot rods we used to buy Mexican blankets from the local out door markets. They were light weight but super string. We used to throw these over the seats as seat covers and some color. I am building another project some 20 years later and wanted to touch base with some of the old' school. I bought this blanket and had my upholstery guy cut it up to make a seat cover for a scooter. These are thin! We glued it to a base material first and we still had some issues. These seem to be decent quality but not nearly as tightly wrapped as I remember. In the end all worked out well. If you are using these for a blanket I'm sure they would be fine, just be careful to not damage the ends or get them snagged on anything as they will unravel immediately!Everything about this product is good. Great size, good quality and very good price. However I did not order this color. I wanted the multi-red/orange/gold/turquoise/blue that was pictured. I will give it to someone but I still need the multi color I wanted. Now I'm afraid the same thing will happen if I re-order. Not the correct color. . I’ve been trying to frequent more yellows and oranges, warm colors for color therapy purposes. Wilder quality is good, overpriced for what you can buy it for at the store. Amazon is about convenience store so I partly understand the price increase but at least send me the right product geez. I thought I was getting a blanket like the one pictured, with some red in it. Instead, it's mostly green and blue. It wasn't clear to me that the blankets are assorted colors and you don't get a color choice from the description. The blanket is good value. I kept it because it's too expensive to ship it back and I still wouldn't get a red one, which I would have preferred.I love using these for tablecloths for summer parties on the patio. Makes for a party atmosphere right away. Chicago Mall This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. 100% Cotton/Polyester Blend Imported Authentic Mexican Saltillo sarapes Blankets Bright Color Serape has dominant orange along with red/green/pnk Approximately measures 7'/5' This blanket has orange/blu/green stripes Product description Large Authentic Mexican Blankets Colorful Serape Blankets Assorted in our commitment to making technology readily accessible across the country, Kiss Me My DNA Says I'm French Green St Patricks Day Sweatshirt Home Kitchen => Bedding => Blankets Throws Large Authentic Mexican Blankets Colorful Serape Blankets Assort

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