Elegant Mirrored Tray, Perfume Tray, Square Metal Ornate Tray, Vanity Je Shop Stores

Mirrored Tray, Perfume Tray, Square Metal Ornate Tray, Vanity Je
Mirrored Tray, Perfume Tray, Square Metal Ornate Tray, Vanity Je


Product Description

179 279 285 209
1pc Rectangular Mirror Tray 2pcs Rectangular Mirror Tray 2pcs Square Mirror Tray 2pcs Round Mirror Tray
Package Includes 1 X Mirror Tray 2 X Mirror Tray 2 X Mirror Tray 2 X Mirror Tray
Material Metal and Mirror Glass Metal and Mirror Glass Metal and Mirror Glass Metal and Mirror Glass
Size1 9.5" X 5" X 2" 12.5" X 6.3" X 2" 10.25" X 10.25" X 2" 10.25" X 10.25" X 2"
Size2 None 9.5" X 5" X 2" 8.25" X 8.25" X 2" 8.25" X 8.25" X 2"
Color Silver/Rose/Gold/Metal Gun/Black/White Silver/Rose/Gold/Metal Gun/Black/White Silver/Rose/Metal Gun Silver/Rose/Metal Gun
Shape Rectangular Rectangular Square Round


Elegant Mirrored Tray, Perfume Tray, Square Metal Ornate Tray, Vanity Je Shop Stores

Mirrored Tray, Perfume Tray, Square Metal Ornate Tray, Vanity Je Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  My cats love this post!!!! They use it as a toy and a scratching post. Very easy to assemble and very sturdy! You can see in the video how sturdy the post is! Definitely recommend!!My Feral Cat loves the tall scratch posts amp; works out on them several times a day= the sisal gets fuzzed out amp; still works. So much better than the cardboard scratchers-which my cat literally scratched up in a week amp; then I spent countless hours picking up amp; vacuuming up cardboard pieces. I have one scratch post in each room amp; over the last 5yrs. haven't had a problem with the sofa, rugs or wood furniture being scratched on. Before the scratch posts came in tall sizes I was buying 3 or 4 amp; extending them. I am happy with these amp; will continue to purchase them.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Have had this for a few weeks, and my cats still scratch on it. They destroyed a wicker hamper, so I put this in the spot where the hamper used to be. It’s so much better. The wicker scraps were everywhere. This does not shed like that. Very sturdy. I would recommend it. The video clip shows that my cat likes it, but prefers his brother’s head. If you buy the 34" post, you'll need to refer back to the photo on Amazon because the directions that come with the easy-assembly post don't show the middle fabric and ball piece. This post is rather tall, so cats will not be climbing it. If they try, they might topple the post. Our more curious cat was eager to sniff out this new post as soon as it was put in place (replacing one that the two cats have managed to shred). Sisal is a much better choice than corrugated cardboard, which can send tiny airborne particles into the noses of our feline friends. Yes, the sisal slowly shreds and sheds, but it's easy to remove from the base with a simple brushing. I do wish that these manufacturers would use carpet fabric instead of the white, fake-fur material, which very quickly becomes dirty. Our previous post had a base of a mottled brown carpet fabric that never looked dirty (even though it probably was).I had previously purchased a 6’ cat condo for the new kitten but she wasn’t too interested. Then I purchased this and she hasn’t stopped playing with it yet!Super easy to put together also. It took me about 10 minutes and it took that long because she wanted to play with it. Best money spent!Owner reviews, price + product dimensions helped me choose this on Amazon. I was hoping to find one suitable for both growing kittens and adult cats (over 30" height - most listed on Amazon were under 2feet).I decided to adopt my last 2 kittens due to my age. After this batch, I'll likely be adopting senior cats in need.My cats are outdoors/indoors, so I needed an indoor scratch post to keep them away from drapes and furniture. My adoptees took to this post right away, how grateful and blessed am I!It was very easy to assemble, and what I especially liked is that I CAN ASSEMBLE IT WITH ONE POST (LOWER HEIGHT) for the kittens; THEN, AS THEY GROW, HEIGHTEN IT BY ATTACHING THE 2ND POST. The 2 dangles and whack-a-puffball have been an absolute draw + deeelight to watch!I cannot review its durability, but can edit my evaluations later if necessary. Bought this for our two very active kittens and they LOVE climbing it! I recommend the scratching post for older kitties, not the one for babies, because the babies grow up in no time, and bigger kitties won't outgrow the larger post. They scramble over it constantly, and love playing with the hanging fur pouf balls that are attached. The base is very sturdy and it is, overall) well-made. Very easy to assemble.We really needed something to take her off the sofas and this really did the trick. It was the easiest thing to put together and she enjoys it quite a bit; she almost tackled it, haha. Anyway, wonderful buy. Would 10/10 recommend.Update: The other two boys took to it as well! Happy it wasn’t a waste. Will add pictures of them, too.Update of the Update: the little ball on the string came loose. Not as durable as previously thought, so a star will be removed. Aside from that, it’s still pretty good. Pet Supplies => Cats => Beds Furniture we never compete with our sellers. we win when our sellers succeed. Enjoy Great Discount MECOOL Cat Scratching Post Premium Basics Kitten Scratcher Sisal Premium Quality Materials - This product is made of 100% natural sisal hemp.The base and top is a weighted MDF covering the carpet.Nature High Quality Sisal Safe Plush Long Lasting Usage Stable basement, never tip over easily.       Protect your furniture - Grab sticks and plush toys combine to attract cats to play and grab, natural sisal is suitable for cats to grab, effectively preventing cats from grabbing furniture Designed for indoor use - Neutral colors work well with existing decor in your home.ideal for any living room, bedroom, or home office 22"Tall Cat Scratching Post -11.8 x 11.8 x 22 Inches,design for kitties or smaller cats. Easy Assemble - ust screw all parts together,Assemble needed, all tools and instructions included.Please contact us if you have any further questions. Product description Size:1 Count (Pack of 1)  |  Color:Beige MECOOL Basics Cat Scratching Post Two sizes are designed for kittens and adult cats Featuring a naturally fibrous construction, your cat will take great joy in clawing the rope pillars and batting around the included Interactive toy With Hanging ball attachment. Helps keep your cat from damaging carpets, furniture, curtains, and more. You can put the cat tree next to the bed, window or anywhere in the house.Neutral color tones fit in with your home’s existing decor. Easy to install Just screw all the parts together and the cat scratching post is ready to use (including screws) Elegant Mirrored Tray, Perfume Tray, Square Metal Ornate Tray, Vanity Je Shop Stores

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Elegant Mirrored Tray, Perfume Tray, Square Metal Ornate Tray, Vanity Je Shop Stores