Animer and price revision AnjuShree Choice Women Indian Top Cotton Kurti Tunic top Discounts Buy Store Online

AnjuShree Choice Women Indian Top Cotton Kurti Tunic top
AnjuShree Choice Women Indian Top Cotton Kurti Tunic top


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  • Make a statement with this elegant kurta from AnjuShree. All pieces are stylish option for a nice family function or event when teamed with churidar leggings and classic flats.

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Animer and price revision AnjuShree Choice Women Indian Top Cotton Kurti Tunic top Discounts Buy Store Online

Fort Worth Mall RUNCL Braided Fishing Line Merced, 1000 500 300 Yards Braided Li merced runcl 65lb 0.40mm1000ydsordered 2 days ago received yesterday tested today.line is semi soft smooth and flat rounds up when stretched. very little stretch as expected for braid. some light coating comes off pulling through a white rag(not as bad as colored jbraid nor power pro). mic'd 0.46-0.47mm at rest and stretched. tested breaking strength 5 times, 33, 33, 33, 35, 30. i do not have a calibrated igfa line tester(cant afford one for 10k) but niether do i fish with an igfa line tester either. 2 ft of line 2 knots: san diego cinch and single surgeon loop. all 5 breaks in middle of line(4-6" closer to scale) not the knots. pulled for 1000yds i wasnt expecting much. i bought it for rockfishing anyway. my reel only has a max drag of 25lbs attenuated by flex of rod, ill have enough confidence to pull in 8oz torp and two 3lb bocacios hopefully reds maybe a ling....hope this review helps.... tight lines You get what you pay for. I did the best I could to get an up close photo of this braid and trilene braid next to each other. Both 40 lb test.. All I can say is the trilene braid has a much thinner diameter and the weave is visibly smoother. If I had any high end braid at hand I'm sure the difference would be even more. This looks identical to some kast king braid I got a couple years back. It will do the job but it's noisy on the retrieve and doesn't cast really well IMHO.I got my line just in time for an offshore fishing trip. I got the 40lbs 300yd and the price was really good in comparison to other braided lines. I did not have any tangles during my use and had some great casts with major distance. The line is strong and has no stretch but it's sensitive enough that you can feel the bites. Nice overall line. Excellent braided fishing line at a great price. It's just as good as any of the higher priced braided fishing lines. Great castability, strong and resilient. Smooth yet knots very well. The blood knot splines very well to fluorocarbon or monofilament leaders. Does not fray easily and has excellent sensitivity. The line holds the color well. I use the 6lb test for finesse baitcasting fishing and it is very capable of casting light lures.Highly recommended braided fishing line.I fish a lot, and that is an understatement. This line holds up well with frogs and is fine for open water with a top-shot of flouro. Punching has been a nightmare- I am constantly losing tungsten weights. I am not sure if the glass beads and tungsten weights are too much for this line to handle, but 65lb powerpro never has this problem. Some of the hooks simply fall off. I have tried tying different knots from the palomar to the snell, san diego and improved clench. This line breaks when punching, so heads up for you tungsten guys and gals- spend the money on something stronger.The media could not be loaded.  This was easy to put on the spool on my quantum spinning reel. It is a very smooth casting line. I have this pulled on both this spinning reel and a brand new Lew's bait cashing reel. I use both Rios today with this line at a local lake here in Rockdale county and I'm very happy with it's performance.I have been using this braid for about a month now. It works pretty great, it’s strong, abrasion resistant and it doesn’t birdsnest as as easy as some other brands I’ve tried. I used it to fish off the jetty in the ocean and it works great! The blue almost disappeared in the water. Great braid so farThis braid cast very well! I got it in a 30lb smoke color to replace my 20lb Spiderwire. The line spooled up great and havnt had any issues so far. The color is great. I hope it holds up better to discoloring Than the Spiderwire did. Since its 4x it is louder going through the eyelets. But the strength makes up for it. Animer and price revision AnjuShree Choice Women Indian Top Cotton Kurti Tunic top Discounts Buy Store Online 【Proprietary Weaving Tech】: Engineered with a proprietary treatment process, the RUNCL MERCED Braided Line produces a rounder and more consistent structure (a higher weave per inch count) that compacts very well and stacks evenly on to the spool for increased operation, helps reduce backlashes, wind knots, and rod tip wrapping. It comes with 1 roll 4 strands braided finshing line in Blue color, 0.06mm in diameter, 300yards in length, 6LB(2.7kgs) loading 【Exclusive Thin-Coating Tech】: Constructed with Exclusive Thin-Coating Technology for improved colorfastness, makes it UV-resistant and allows it to hold it's color longer than other braided lines, while not killing the action of delicate presentations 【Exceptional Strength amp; Toughness】: Fitted with imported raw materials and proprietary treatment process, delivers outstanding knot strength and increased abrasion resistance that stands-up to big bass and inshore species alike, ideal for fishing in thick vegetation and rugged structure 【Enhanced Smooth Finish】: Features incredible smoothness with no memory, allows it to effortlessly flows through the guides with minimum line vibration for increased casting distance and accuracy, delivers outstanding casting performance 【Zero Stretch amp; High Sensitivity】: Boasts zero-stretch performance, eliminates kinking and spool memory while offering premium bite-detecting sensitivity, offers instant feel for structure and strikes, helps catch every fish that nibbles on your line AnjuShree Choice Women Indian Top Cotton Kurti Tunic top we are a team of professionals who are working hard to provide you with the best products at the best prices, delivered to your door as soon as possible. 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