Best Price Hot Sale Personalized Blanket Personalized Collage Blanket with Photo Cus Max 80% OFF

Personalized Blanket Personalized Collage Blanket with Photo Cus
Personalized Blanket Personalized Collage Blanket with Photo Cus


Product description

Color:1 Photo  |  Size:50x40 IN

Are you wondering what to do in winter to make yourself warmer? Do you think you don't know what to give to your good friends in winter, and want to leave warm memories for your good friends?

Come find us to Personalized Custom Blankets full of warm memories!

Personalized Custom Blankets are perfect commemorative gifts for family and friends, a great way to commemorate special events and priceless moments, such as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, ceremonies, anniversary gifts, holiday gifts, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving gifts, Christmas gifts, graduation, etc.

We are UNABLE TO ACCEPT RETURNS/EXCHANGES ON CUSTOMIZED ORDERS unless the products is damaged/defective upon arrival, or if the Customization is different from what you entered when placing your order. Since your order will not display your size information. Please confirm your size carefully before placing order.


Best Price Hot Sale Personalized Blanket Personalized Collage Blanket with Photo Cus Max 80% OFF

customers shopping online we can choose to immediately pick up their order from their nearest store with our pick up at store feature or choose express delivery, to receive their product within 48 hours. Cell Phones Accessories => Cell Phones Best Price Hot Sale Personalized Blanket Personalized Collage Blanket with Photo Cus Max 80% OFF Personalized Blanket Personalized Collage Blanket with Photo Cus Unlocked for GSM Carriers: Will work with T-Mobile, ATamp;T -- Will NOT work with Sprint, Verizon 6.39-inch HD+ Infinity Display 13/5/2 MP rear and 8 MP front facing cameras Fast octa-core processing | Octa-core, 8 at 1.8GHz Single-Sim | Android Product description Color:Black  |  Size:GSM Unlocked The Samsung Galaxy A11 is packed with features at an attractive price. The large, 6.39” HD+ Infinity Display lets you immerse yourself while viewing your favorite content. The 13MP/5MP/2MP triple rear camera and 8 MP front camera let you take vibrant and shareworthy images and selfies. And the 4,000 mAh fast charging battery and octa-core processor gives you lasting power and speed to help you do more throughout your Day. Samsung Galaxy A11 SM-A115A 32GB Single-Sim Android Smartphone - Cheap Factory Wholesaler First of all it is not compatible with metro pcs or t-mobile. I was at the metro pcs store for almost an hour and they could not get the phone to work without the WiFi. Tried to call the seller twice before I wrote this review to try and get it handled they kept sending me to voice-mail. Very disappointing. I bought a case and screen protector for nothing. Money wasted. DON'T WASTE YOURS I'm not a phone person. Last phone was a refurbished S5 Active. This phone the finger print recognition works excellent. Haven't tried the face. The screen has the best resolution of any phone I've owned. My main hobby is photography. The cameras don't impress me much. But again they are the best of any phone I've owned. Internet connections are fast. It came loaded with some stuff I didn't want but it was easy to remove. With all the junk I put on the phone I've used 14 of the 32 Gb. The screen auto adjust works almost too quickly. The battery life is good. I really like the button layout. All on 1 side. The ringer is on the bottom so it doesn't get covered when you set it down. This is by far the best phone I've owned. Samsung has manuals on line. For the price I paid it feels like I did something illegal.TL;DR: Overall disappointed, and I cannot recommend purchase because of multiple issues including screen breaking the first time it was dropped. Want to make clear that I do NOT hold the seller responsible for the below issues!!! This phone would have appeared fine during a cleaning amp; worked as expected for the few minutes of charging and operation they likely do after a factory reset.Phone delivered 5/22/21. Turned it on about 10-days ago, and immediately noticed the colors were a little washed out--almost to a pastel level if that makes sense? So I adjusted every setting I could and updated software. When updating, it automatically installs multiple SAMSUNG apps, which are then unable to be deleted. This also did not fix the pastel color issue. Strike #1.Tried to ignore the above annoyances since it did not affect daily use that much. Unfortunately, the next issue was that the touch screen hangs occasionally. Selecting a number on a PIN pad, highlighting an app icon, or a pressing a button inside an app will brighten from being selected...and then do nothing. After a few seconds, it returns to normal and you can select again, usually without a problem. This happened multiple times a day. There is also some lag loading screens within apps that never occurred on my previous (slower) phone. Strike #2Charging with the supplied Samsung Fast Charger is great, full charge from dead in less than an hour. BUT any charging other than the Samsung Fast Charger is slow. I mean, pitifully slow. We're talking single digit percentages in half an hour. Car charger, alternate brand chargers, plugged into computer USB port? All terrible for some reason. Example: if the screen is on and the phone plugged into a computer USB port, it did not increase charge percentage. It would maintain the current level, but that's about it. Strike #3.So the above is why I deducted 3-stars. And I had serious intentions of returning the phone. But here's the real nail-in-the-coffin: the VERY FIRST TIME I dropped this phone, the screen shattered. Ten days in, one drop and it was game over. The phone was in a generic case with a screen protector, and I suppose it' still mostly usable for now. But I really would have expected it to be more sturdy!I didn't take off a star for the broken screen because technically I dropped it. This phone was a refurb, thus why I titled the review a 'Wager.' The above issues could be the reason someone traded it in. It's also possible that the screen had some micro cracks or internal stresses from being used previously, which may have created a situation where it broke on the first impact I experienced. So take your chances for 0 if you desire. I'm sure it's a very fair deal if you don't end up the unfortunate issues that this particular phone had.Phone was not unlock could not use itThis phone is horrible. Its supposed to have 32 gig but its loaded with apps that I don't want and can't delete that wastethe space, so I'm constantly getting notifications for data usage... yet I have practically nothing I actually want in it. I'm forever having to clean it just for it to run smoothly. This is hands down the worst phone I ever had.Phone is not GSM unlocked. It won't recognize my sim card and now I'm out of the money for this phone and A WHOLE OTHER SIM CARD AND PLAN that I purchased to try to resolve the problem, not to mention having to buy yet another phone that will actually be compatible. I hate it here.They did not fix it, a lot of things did not work. All they did was shine it good. I just got someone's else's headache. I am sorry I had to give one star. I will not buy from them again.I had some delivery issues with it

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