Ranking TOP5 Womens Native American Taft OR Tribal Orca Killer Whale V-Neck T For Sale Online

Womens Native American Taft OR Tribal Orca Killer Whale V-Neck T
Womens Native American Taft OR Tribal Orca Killer Whale V-Neck T


Product description

Pacific northwest coast Design Native American Indian totem style art, red orca killer whale tribal totem artwork style of haida, klingit, tlingit etc. Perfect for fishing, fisherman, captain, sailor, etc. Oregonian traditional Native American PNW tribe artwork style and symbolism, the powerful totem. Ocean wildlife conservation, salish sea Taft, Oregon. This Native American Taft OR Tribal Orca Killer Whale item is designed by Oregon Orca Lovers.


Ranking TOP5 Womens Native American Taft OR Tribal Orca Killer Whale V-Neck T For Sale Online

for more than 30 years, our collections have been curated by all our daily necessities only the best. Ranking TOP5 Womens Native American Taft OR Tribal Orca Killer Whale V-Neck T For Sale Online This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. ✔Great Visual Effect: Gloss Chrome Mirror Green vinyl die cut decal, Easily to remove without residue without damaging the painted surface of your vehicle ✔Durable Vinyl Material: Waterproof,self-adhesive and removable, delicately die-cut of high quality vinyl materials, easy to apply to many surfaces, such as glass, hard surfaces, plastics, metal, walls, hat, windows ✔Application: please use detergent to clean and dry the surface before you apply the sticker. The car sticker is easy to apply by simply peeling off and applying to the surface. (Also, please refer to product description for detailed steps for application). ✔Available in 17 Colors and 5Sizes: Holographic Silver/Black/Yellow/Red/Silver/Gloss Chrome Green/Gloss Chrome Gold/Gloss Chrome Silver/Blue/Pink, 6.97/10/15/20/25 Inch. There will always be an option for you. Note: please contact us directly if you want customize size and character. ✔Seller Warranty: 3 year Warranty. Please feel free to contact us should you have any inquires or come across any problems when using this product. We can provide you a solution within 1 day. The car sticker is easy to install, simply peel and apply to the surface. Color:Chrome Green  |  Size:15" From the brand "Stick" in Your Mind Our story How we got our start? In 2014, An Office, Two Office Desks, Three Machine, Four Young Men, Four Machine, a Heart to Provide Quality Car Stickeramp;Decal and Other Auto Accessories and the Determination to Create a Brand of Quality Stickeramp;Decalamp;Printing Products. This is how HungMieh get its start. What makes our product unique? HungMieh Stickeramp;Decal is Unique for 4 reasons: Creative Designs, Patterns, Materials and Colors; Imported High-quality Printing and Die-cut Machine; Always ready to understand and explore customer demands; Customer-centered service; Respect for Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Why we love what we do? X-Infinite Possibilities Automotive => Exterior Accessories => Bumper Stickers, Decals Magnet Womens Native American Taft OR Tribal Orca Killer Whale V-Neck T HungMieh Car Hood Decal, Cool Skull Sticker for Truck, SUV, Moto Max 64% OFF Put it on my rear window of my truck. It applied perfectly to my freshly cleaned glass. The picture does not do it justice. The holographic light reflection looks amazing! As far as the durability i cant really say as i applied it less than 24 hours ago but i do feel its a quality product. Im very pleased.Well... I like the design and the size of what I have purchased. But the only issue that I had was the damage inflicted upon the package and the product herein before it got to my house!?!? I have not installed it due to the product decal having creases in it, that it is not able to be taken out.. I don’t recommend trying to take the creases that were made out of the product because it will not work... I’ve had experience with decals and that’s not something you want to mess with especially with the product having well defined creases in it. As far as that goes... I’m satisfied with what I ordered....Im dissatisfied with how carelessly it was delivered and damaged, I blame that on postal service.If I can have the product replaced... I can send them back the damaged product.That is if they want it... but I requested another in hopes that this issue can be alleviated.The sticker came rolled up which you would think isn't a big deal. However, this made it difficult to adhere, and there were multiple folds and bubbles. Adhesion to the surface was very difficult and the finished product looks awful. Do not recommend. Opt for the smaller ones. I got the largest decal, it came rolled up making it harder to apply evenly. On top of that, the holographic portion started to peel off the clear adhesive backing and basically ruined the decal.I was very patient with unravelling it but was unable to keep it from ruining the application, due to the poor quality of the product. This started peeling almost immediately. Maybe it was user error, idk, but I cleaned the area first, laid it down as instructed and then smoothed out with a credit card. I had to remove it after 3 or 4 days. First product arrived folded and crunched up I attempted to put on my vehicle and it did not fair so well as I could not get it flat decided to try again and order a second this time was difficult but I did get it on my vehicle at the start it had an amazing shine to it and holographic look however less than 3 months later (sorry for the poor photo but it is still noticeable) there are a bunch of spots where the coloring has faded completely away (all the tiny black spots within the image) and not to mention the shine has faded almost completely away though the holographic look can still be seen.... I'm highly disappointed... the decal on the far left in the photo I got at Walmart for (last year) and has held up great! Survived a summer and a half as well as a New York winter! And has virtually no fading at allAs for this product pictured on the right and in the close up photo it's not bad and still looks decent from a distance but it's not one I would purchase again! And yes I understand products like this wear due to weather car washes etc... but it should last longer than 3 months if it's meant for an automobile as advertised!I was so excited when I ordered this. I carry around a gallon Rtic water jug daily and wanted to spice it up a bit. After taking it to work with me the first day, I noticed a few of the smaller sections were starting to curl. I smoothed them back out and went about my business. By the end of day three, the sticker was missing a few of the minor detail pieces. Overall, it was still recognizable though. At the end of 1 full week, you couldn't even tell what the sticker had originally been. I ended up peeling it off and will be looking for something better suited to sticking on the outside of my jug. Really cool looking holographic skull. Super unique and much cooler than the punisher skull in my humble opinion. The sticker went on easy appears to be good material. Looks awesome on my bike. I contact the seller to try to make a smaller one for me for the front of my bike.

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