Sale UK Online For Cat-Lover Cute Staring Black Cat Kitty In Pocket Pullover Ho Max 42% OFF

For Cat-Lover Cute Staring Black Cat Kitty In Pocket Pullover Ho
For Cat-Lover Cute Staring Black Cat Kitty In Pocket Pullover Ho


Product description

This casual apparel features a cute black kitten silhouette staring with wide cartooney eyes, your favorite animal peeking out of a fake breast pocket. A pocket-pussy-cat! NOTE: The pocket is printed, NOT real! Perfect gift idea for every passionate cat lover and cat-owner, for a friend who is totally into those felines. Show the world your passion for cool trendy animals in pockets.


Sale UK Online For Cat-Lover Cute Staring Black Cat Kitty In Pocket Pullover Ho Max 42% OFF

The beads themselves are smooth, shiny, regularly shaped amp; sized, and generally well-made. But the color is *nothing* like the pictures; even accounting for monitor settings and stone variations, the pictures are misleading. There are no shades of pink, mauve, or purple. They are varying shades of brown, grey-brown, and red-brown.I'm going to keep them bc i think they will make good accent beads for an earth-toned project or colors like green and blue, but I am disappointed and would not have bought them if i had known their true color. Doubly disappointed that they came from Adabelle; everything else I have bought from this brand has been spot-on perfect.That being said, I will still readily buy Adabelle products: of all the (probably hundreds of) things I have gotten from them, this is the first time I have been anything other than thrilled with my purchase. It is Purple Jasper instead of Sugilite. Please change the product name ASAP. Not happy with the red river jasper gemstone,started changing color.I bought other stones from this company to make jewelry hopefully they are real and don t change. The beads looked lovely. I know nothing about stone qualities--or beading, really--so I'm basically just at the mercy of "Oh, this looks pretty!" and hoping that I wasn't duped and dye doesn't come off on my skin.However, the holes on these beads are NOWHERE NEAR 1.5mm (and yes, I saw the tilde! I was hoping I could ignore it). A piece of fine hemp twine could fit, but certainly not my 1.5mm beading cord. :(Adabele is the only place that I can find REAL DEAL I've ordered smaller Labradorite 6mm and they are beautiful but when I took these larger size I was amazed at how much Labradoressence these stones have! I love them and Adabele is the best in authenticity and I won't buy real gemstones from anyone except Adabele. They have the best quality. I'll keep buying from Adabele as I have in the past my go to gemstone place. Thank you.These beads are great! I used them for a Seven Sorrows Rosary that I sold on Etsy, and the customer- who bought it for a friend- liked it so much that he asked me to make him another one. Beautiful beads. Keep up the great work!This unakite is amazing I can't wait to make my mom a bracelet she's going to love it so much she already has a teardrop shaped pendant in the same Stone so to get to make her a bracelet to match is going to be awesome I only hope that the general public enjoys it as much as I do. Check me out on Instagram and my new Facebook @soberstateofmindjewelryBeautiful natural beads. I've already made a bracelet and have plenty more to do another or use them kn something else. Love the fact they came with a certificate of authenticity, great seller selling quality products For Cat-Lover Cute Staring Black Cat Kitty In Pocket Pullover Ho Sale UK Online For Cat-Lover Cute Staring Black Cat Kitty In Pocket Pullover Ho Max 42% OFF Ranking TOP1 Arts, Crafts Sewing => Beading Jewelry Making => Beads Bead Assortments This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. (2 Strands, ~ 116 to 124pcs Total, ~ 15 inch Per Strand, ~ 58 to 62pcs beads Per Strand), Stone/material: Tiger skin jasper, natural stone, no dyed, no color enhanced Bead size: 6mm (~ 0.24 inch); Hole diameter: ~ 1mm (~ 0.04 inch) ✦✦ The images may show slight differences to the actual stone in color, shape, and texture because the natural properties and composition of mined gemstones define the unique beauty of each piece ✦ please check the pictures and product attributes before placing an order, thank you ✦ This Adabele’s Gemstone Product Comes with a Natural Gemstone Authenticity and Quality Guarantee Certificate Issued by Adabele LLC, California, USA ✦ This item comes with a 30 days limited warranty against material and workmanship to ensure your complete satisfaction ✦ This Item is packaged into Adabele Trademarked bag Product description Size:6mm (2 Strands)  |  Color:Golden Tiger Skin Jasper Looking for gemstone beads for your earrings, bracelet, pendant, rings, necklace, anklet, keychain, bookmark, rosary prayer beads, 108 mala, and all other jewelry making projects? Adabele offers you a large selection of precious and semi-precious gemstone beads that are available in shapes of round, cube, rondelle, tube, teardrop, chip, teeth/spike/point, rectangle, and in sizes of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm. Due to their natural properties, our gemstones can be used as healing crystal and chakra stone that are used to activate, balance, or amplify the energy of the mind and body. Please check out all our gemstones on Amazon or our website. While you are shopping for gem stones, please also check out our jewelry findings such as clasp, earring hooks and posts, pinch bail, beading wire, jump ring, crimp cover, chain, rhinestone rondelle, metal spacer, bead tips and caps, eye and head pins, etc. Our gemstone collection includes jasper, agate, turquoise, fluorite, amethyst, jade, opalite, mookaite, tourmaline, chrysocolla, topaz, amber, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, unakite, howlite, aquamarine, amazonite, carnelian, obsidian, malachite, azurite, aventurine, sodalite, crystals, garnet, labradorite, sunstone, peridot, rose quartz, citrine, moonstone, lapis lazuli, goldstone, tiger’s eye, lava rock, fire opal, kyanite, serpentine, ruby zoisite, apatite, bloodstone, prehnite, charoite, coral, sapphire, hematite, Larimar, morganite, rhyolite, emerald, cat eye, ametrine, onyx, purpurite, pyrope, diopside, seraphinite, heliodor, helenite, goshenite, spinel, hemimorphite, thulite, lemon quartz, lepidolite, clear quartz, smoky quartz, prasiolite, dumortierite, strawberry quartz, black quartz rutilated, sugilite, chrysoprase, kunzite, lazurite, lavender jade, melanite, cyanite, gem silica, chrysoberyl, scapolite, lolite, bertrandite, tiffany, blue lace agate, red stone, almandine, spessartine, grossular, andradite, etc. we’re not going anywhere! unlike some of our competitors we don’t have shareholders so we can focus on giving you our best possible deals and prices rather than trying to make money to pay bonuses! 2 Strands Natural Golden Tiger Skin Jasper Gemstone 6mm (0.24 in

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